Deep Tissue

My deep tissue massage is influenced by my training in deep tissue, trigger point & Thai massage. I use broad pressure and specific points to relax the tissue and calm the nervous system by doing both at once. This work holds a client on the edge of intensity. Breathing in the midst of deep work is necessary for effectiveness, I will listen to the rhythm of your breath & tissue as I work but you know your body best and are encouraged to talk to me any time if things get too intense.


My relaxation massages are influenced in my training in Reiki, Reflexology, Thai and Swedish massage. My goal with a relaxation massage is to make one feel like they are floating on a cloud, weightless in their own body. I utilize long soft strokes to calm the nervous system as well as help your muscles melt into bliss. I relax pressure points in the hands and feet to create a smooth exit for pent up energy. And I use a super gental touch around you head & neck to really let your body learn how to let go.

Massage Styles